Misters are not as mundane as most people think they are. Most people now mist fans as those appliances used for cooling people off, especially outdoors.

Mist fans produce a fine mist capable of lowering air temperature. This is a result of a process known as evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling is the scientific phenomenon whereMisting Fans

Evaporative cooling is the scientific phenomenon where temperature is lowered by a liquid when it absorbs too much heat and evaporates, thus taking the heat with it.

Most people are unaware of just how cool, yes pun intended, mist fans can be. There are so many interesting and fascinating ways people can use mist fans to solve some of life’s more complicated problems.

Misters are not technological marvels or magnificent feats of engineering. Nevertheless, the simple design and the cool principle it uses to provide a cool breeze can sometimes leave a good impression on people. Mist fans are far from the boring machines that most people see them to be. They may not look much at first glance, but they really deserve a more attention than they get.

Below are some of the useful and creative ways people have begun to use mist fans for purposes other than cooling people or stuff.

Getting rid of dust and bad stench

A lot of industrial settings suffer from a lot of working environmental hazards in the form of smell and dust. Both of these things contribute to a bad working environment which in turn is bad for the laborers.
Laborers who are constantly exposed to dust and bad odor tend to be less productive. This in turn affects how fruitful a business can be. Workers are also more likely to get sick when they are constantly exposed to foul gas and dust. Misters can help deal with bad smell and dust.

Neutralizing SmellMist fans produce such small droplets of water that it is capable of neutralizing smell and preventing dust from spreading through the air. They are a cheap solution to an extremely difficult and complex problem. People cannot just deal with problems that can only be seen through a microscope. The cost and efficiency of mist fans has led several industries to adopt them as a solution to dust and odor control.

Mist fans and plant life

Not all plants are the same. There are so many different plants that live in different environments that it is astonishing to think just how many of them exist out there. Plants can live in a wide range of different environments.

Some plants can be difficult to grow, which is why some people use glasshouses in order to keep their plants healthy and safe. The problem with some areas is that they can get really dry, especially during the summer.

An arid climate can be dangerous for some plants which is why some greenhouses use mist fans. Mist fans are a cheap way of maintaining the humidity levels in a controlled environment. The tiny droplets of water that it produces in an enclosed environment help to increase humidity. The moisture stays trapped inside the greenhouse allowing plants that require moisture to grow healthy and strong.

Hollywood special effects

Nothing says cool, in the figurative sense, than using an everyday appliance for some neat trick. Hollywood and theater stage production teams have long used mist fans for special effects.
Traditionally, the role of producing mist for satisfying special effects needs fell under the remit of a specialized for machine. The problem with this machine was that it was expensive for what it did and that it needed to use special oil in order to work. Misters are capable of providing the mist without the need of using expensive oil.